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Composition Structure Of Planar Target Materials
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Main plane target:

High purity aluminum target Al high purity copper target CU high purity iron target FE high purity titanium target ti high purity ni target ni

High purity Magnesium target mg high purity chromium target CR high purity zinc target Zn high purity silver target AG high purity cobalt Target CO

High purity niobium target NB high purity tin target SN high purity indium target material ZR high purity tantalum target material ta

High purity germanium target GE high purity silicon target Si high purity tungsten target material w high purity HF high purity yttrium target material y

High purity gadolinium target GD high purity samarium target SM High purity dysprosium target materials dy high purity cerium target CE high purity lanthanum target LA

High purity gold target au high purity stainless steel target material high-purity graphite target C high purity selenium target se high purity molybdenum target material mo

High-purity alloy sputtering target material

Binary alloy target

Ni-cr target CR Nickel-iron target-nickel-cobalt target Co ni-zr target ni-zr Ni-al target al Ni-cu target ni-cu ni-v target ni-v copper-indium target cu-in copper-gallium target cu-ga cu-se target cu-se titanium target al-Si target al--aluminum-copper target-aluminum-titanium target Al-ti al-mg target mg silver copper target Ag-cu Fe-MN target-indium tin target IN-SN cobalt iron target CO-FE tungsten Titanium target W-ti Zinc target Zn Al-scandium target AL-SC cu-sn target SN zr-al target Zr-al zirconium-iron target ZR-FE zirconium-silica target zr-si vanadium-aluminum target V-al

Multi-element alloy target

Cobalt-iron-boron target-copper-indium gallium-selenium target cu-in-ga cu-in-ga-se and so on.